Under the Sea

Some people love rides and others just love to relax, but one thing that everybody loves is awesome aquatic animals! The Aquarium of the Pacific is a great place to go if you love animals and having fun! The exhibits are the best! My favorite is the Sea Otter Habitat and the Shark Lagoon!


The Sea Otter Habitat is one of the funnest places in this awesome aquarium! They have a great sea otter tank! There are always a tons of sea otters that are hanging out on the edge of the water, swimming for fun, or play with their toys in the water! Since sea otters are the smallest marine mammals they are so cute and overall awesome!They are so very cute all the time.  I love marine mammals and watching these little guys are so much fun!

My second favorite part about the Aquarium of the Pacific is the SHARK LAGOON! Sharks are very scary but when they are a tank and just swimming around they aren’t that bad.  I love getting to interact with marine life (since it is not a daily activity) and touching these incredible animals is so much fun! They also have great huge sharks in a much bigger tank (that of course you can’t touch..) and are really fun to watch!

The last and final awesome part of this great aquarium is the Shorebird Sanctuary. I don’t like birds that much but I do like feeding them! The birds will come and sit on you arm and feed out of a little cup of liquid food that they give you.  It might seam gross but trust me, its really fun! Oh, there are some plants and stuff too if you into that kind of stuff.

I love love LOVE marine animals and this aquarium in my very special California is great for all ages and is just plain fun (and you are never to young to go to an aquarium.. just saying)!! So just go.

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