It’s All About Food!

There are great places to eat everywhere but there are a few hidden places in California that I love to go!!  One of my favorite places is In-N-Out Burger!! Their unique but very simple menu is a classic! When I say simple menu, I really mean simple menu. There is a total of 6 items on their menu. A double-double, a cheeseburger, a hamburger, fries, shakes and soft drink! The double-double is absolutely amazing! This incredible burger consists of… double meat, double cheese, a spread similar to a thousand island dressing, raw or grilled onions, tomatoes, and to contain all the goodness is the famous toasted buns! Amazing!! It used to be that In-N-Out’s were only in California but thankfully they have recently expanded to the Midwest, thank god!! I can get In-N-Out burgers here too!


The second place that I go the most when I go to California (mostly because it’s only in California) is Pick Up Stix! It is the best Asian food you will ever have! They are a bit like fast food but it’s real meat and it’s really good! They have a great menu anywhere from shrimp, chicken and beef to salads, pastas and kid’s menus. My favorite thing to order when I go to Pick Up Stix is the Wok Combo of House Special Chicken. The House Special Chicken is their claim to fame! It’s a unique blend of tender chicken, white wine, garlic, soy and some green onions all caramelized to indulge your taste buds in a world of happiness. With the Wok Combo you also get an appetizer and a drink. My favorite appetizer of all time is Cream Cheese Wontons! They are the most lavish thing that you have ever tasted! They come on these little white tasteless crunchy things. Also included it this great dipping sauce that is awesome on the wontons but I also like to put some on my extra rice! It’s a great Asian place that I love very very much! It’s a horrible thing that they are only in California but I am hoping that they will come out here someday too! Tata for now! :)


P.S. It you want to know about In-N-Out’s not so secret menu go to

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