Days at the Beach

One of my favorite things to do in California is spend a day at the beach with some friends! I absolutely love getting a tan, attempting to buggy board and hanging with friends. I also LOVE bonfires! They are the best way to spend the night on the beach.


Since I currently live in a state that the sun doesn’t work in it is virtually impossible to get a tan.  So I think that this is my favorite thing to do when i visit this glorious state.  I also love to hang in the ocean.  I can’t surf, even though I would love to learn, but I can buggy board, kinda. My friend taught me how to duck dive and how to find the best wave and stuff so now, I really love it! (The one thing I hate: when then water is about -22°F!)  And what makes all this even better, that you get to do it with the best people in the world, your friends. Spending a day on the best is the best thing ever!

After a really fun day on the beach it really fun to just relax by a bonfire. I have to say I love just hanging with friends and family by a fire roasting marshmallows. It’s like everyone’s worries and troubles are blown away with the ashes of the fire.  It’s so relaxing and calming too.  I love the sun, the beach and especially bonfires.

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Soul Sister


(Still off the topic of California :)

The other day I went to see the movie Soul Surfer, about the life of Bethany Hamilton.  I read the book when I was little and thought it was such an inspiring story.

Bethany Hamilton was a girl that loved surfing! She grew up surfing with her best friend.  They lived in Hawaii and was home schooled just so she could surf at the prime surfing hours.  They went surfing every chance they could and when they grew up they wanted to become pro surfers.  Unfortunately, one day when they went surfing and spotted a shark in the water.  This giant shark to a big bite out of Bethany’s board and took Bethany’s left arm with him.  This was a devastating tragedy in Bethany’s life.  However at first, she didn’t let this affect her.  When she was cleared, she wanted to get right back in the water and continue surfing.  She was so brave and dealt with it better than anyone could have expected.  There was a period in her life when “gave up” surfing and even gave some of her surfboards away. She was so stressed and pissed off that she wasn’t at the ability level that she was before the shark attack.  But she still got back up on her board and continued her dream of surfing.


Today she has won many awards and has accomplished her dream of becoming a pro surfer. This movie was so inspiring to me, I was inspired by her story when I was little and I still am today.


(Some of her awards)

• “Most inspiring Person of the Year” award – Finalist (2003)

• First Pitch Honoree for both the Oakland A’s (2004) and the New York Yankees (2005

• ESPY Award (by ESPN) – Comeback Athlete of the Year (July 2004)

• FOX Teen Choice Awards – Courage Award (2004

• Wahine O Ke Kai (Woman of the Sea) Award at the SIMA Waterman’s Ball (2004)

• Gene Autry Award – Courage and Inspiration Values (2004

• Mildred “Bob” Didrikson Zacharias Courage Award from the United States Sports Academy (USSA) (2005

• USA Today – Free Spirit Award (2005)

• Honolulu Citizens Award (2005)

• Woman of the Year from Gorbachev (Germany) (2004)

• Olympic Torch Honoree – Hawaii’s First Ever Triathlon (2004)

• Honolulu Citizens Award (2005)

• Woman of the Year from King Fahd of Saudi Arabia (20

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One For One

img_newGiving_whyJust for a heads up. . I am running out of things to write about California so I am going to change the subject for a bit. (:

Can you imagine going a day with out shoes? Just think about all the different places that you go with shoes?   Well, Blake Mycoskie couldn’t imagine this. Children all around the world go with out shoes every day.  In 2006, Mycoskie met some Argentinean children that didn’t have shoes to protect their feet. Blake Mycoskie wanted to help.”Many children in developing countries grow up barefoot. Whether at play, doing chores or going to school, these children are at risk.” Blake said. It is a terrible thing that these kids don’t have shoes but Blake Morrison is here to help.


Blake Mycoskie created TOMS shoes to help children without shoes.    With every shoe purchased, TOMS will give a new pair to a child in need.  One for One.  They have “shoe drops” all over the world including South Africa, Rwanda, Ethiopia and the United States.  Kids in these third countries go with very beat up or no shoes every day.  It’s a horrible tragedy.  The children are always so grateful when they receive these shoes.  It means so much to have protection on their feet and to not be worried about it anymore.

Other than just giving shoes to children, which is totally awesome, the styles that you get are super cute!! I totally love them! There are just the classics, glitters, wedges and boots too! All super cute and at a totally reasonable price.  I know I love these shoes and I know that you will too!

P.S. I really want the new elephant ones :) super cute


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Spring Break!!

One of my favorite breaks is spring break, and just because my family and I always go to California to visit our friends and get tan!! My spring break was really fun! I did some stuff in California that I had never done before so it was a really exciting trip for me.

Have you ever watched Hannah Montana? You know the pier where Miley and Lily hang out all the time?? Well that the Santa Monica Pier and that’s one of the places where I went for my spring break.  It was just a big pier with games, a Ferris wheel and a bunch of street artists. The games were just like the rip of one at Disneyland and Knotts that you will never win unless you spend like $20 playing them.  I didn’t play any of them but it was fun watching all the other people get ripped off.  (;  Instead I splurged on one of my favorite ice creams, dippin’ dots.  There were also a ton of street artists painting peoples faces and sculpting people in clay.  The clay ones were really cool.  The Ferris wheel and roller coaster looked fun but I decided that I didn’t have a sudden urge to go on them. (:

After that we drove down the coast to Venice Beach. I think that this was one of the funniest and most different places I had ever been! But it was honestly a blast.  I really wanted to rent bikes and ride down the boardwalk next to the beach but my mom and I didn’t have enough time to do so.  One of my favorite part of Venice was all the graffiti.  Some of the graffiti on the cement walls were really amazing!! I took a bunch of photos of them too!  I also loved the skate park.  There was a little kid, like 5, was shredding it up there too!! It was so much fun to watch!! I might have been watching the new Tony Hawk!!

I <3 Venice Beach and Santa Monica Pier!!


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Under the Sea

Some people love rides and others just love to relax, but one thing that everybody loves is awesome aquatic animals! The Aquarium of the Pacific is a great place to go if you love animals and having fun! The exhibits are the best! My favorite is the Sea Otter Habitat and the Shark Lagoon!


The Sea Otter Habitat is one of the funnest places in this awesome aquarium! They have a great sea otter tank! There are always a tons of sea otters that are hanging out on the edge of the water, swimming for fun, or play with their toys in the water! Since sea otters are the smallest marine mammals they are so cute and overall awesome!They are so very cute all the time.  I love marine mammals and watching these little guys are so much fun!

My second favorite part about the Aquarium of the Pacific is the SHARK LAGOON! Sharks are very scary but when they are a tank and just swimming around they aren’t that bad.  I love getting to interact with marine life (since it is not a daily activity) and touching these incredible animals is so much fun! They also have great huge sharks in a much bigger tank (that of course you can’t touch..) and are really fun to watch!

The last and final awesome part of this great aquarium is the Shorebird Sanctuary. I don’t like birds that much but I do like feeding them! The birds will come and sit on you arm and feed out of a little cup of liquid food that they give you.  It might seam gross but trust me, its really fun! Oh, there are some plants and stuff too if you into that kind of stuff.

I love love LOVE marine animals and this aquarium in my very special California is great for all ages and is just plain fun (and you are never to young to go to an aquarium.. just saying)!! So just go.

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The Cute Part

Who doesn’t love seals and dolphins? Well I especially love them and they are natives to my hometown of Southern California.

Seals are espically fond of La Jolla! La Jolla is a gorgeous town right next to San Diego.  When I went a couple years ago my mom and I had heard about an area there where the were seals and they were there all the time so you couldn’t miss them. So, my mom and I wanted to go and find these so called seals and see them.  In Seal Beach, where I lived there were never many seals and when we saw them it was always fun! So when my mom and I went to go find these seals we drove all around the coast of La Jolla and we couldn’t find them anywhere. We asked many different people and none of them could tell us either. Finally, we turned down a little road trying to turn around and head back to the hotel and to much our surprise there were the seals! There weren’t just 10 or even 20! I the entire beach was completely covered by seals! There were seals in the water, on the beach, and on the rocks too! There were about 100 seals there. My mom (the professional photographer of the family) took some amazing and super cute picture and they turned out great! I was so excited that I got to see my seals.



Seals aren’t the only animals in California! One of my favorite animals is the dolphin and are a unique treasure when to see one.  During my past visit in at Newport Coast my family and I spotted these amazing creatures.  We saw them almost teasing a fishing boat not that far off the coast.  They were swimming up to the boat, getting very close and then then swimming away very fast.  It was so much fun to watch and very entertaining to the fisherman too! I don’t see dolphins very much in California and it is always to fun when I do.

I love dolphins and seals in California!!

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What Did You Do For Christmas?

Some people spend Christmas with their families, some people go to exotic jungles and some people spend Christmas in a car. . . . . . going to CALIFORNIA!!  I spend my Christmas in a car,  most people would find this completely horrible and boring but I don’t. Since I am not, I mean like NOT, a fan of the cold it was one of the best Christmas presents I could get.  I was so excited to eat at my favorite restaurant , go shopping at the humongous Forever 21 and also at South Coast Plaza, and then hang out with my l0ng time friends..

There is about every kind of restaurant in California and since I only get to go like 4 times a year :) I have to go eat at all my favorite restaurants.  Some of my personal must eat places are Tommy Bahamas, Pick Up Sitx and of course Ruby’s!!  I already wrote about Pick Up Stix  so you can read that if you want to know how good it is! While Pick Up Stix is a fast sit-down restaurant but Tommy Bahamas is a classy Hawaiian style restaurant that is amazing.  When I went here during my break I ate . . . wait for it . . . LOBSTER GRILLED CHEESE!! I am the biggest grilled cheese fan in the world and adding lobster to this just make it. . . . utterly amazing!! And to top it all off, I went to Ruby’s for their famous Ittsy Bitty Sunday! Well, enough about food, for now. :)

I think that my ultimate favorite thing to do when I am in California is shop!  California has the best shops and my two favorite places to shop while I am in California are Fashion Island and South Coast Plaza.  Fashion Island is a beautiful place to shop for you average shops and a huge two-story Forever 21!  It’s not the best of the best but it’s still better than Utah and I love it! One of the best shopping malls in Southern California.  It is one of the highest end malls too.  Any big designer has a shop, or a rather large shop in that mall and it is one of the funnest malls to walk around with friends! Even if I can’t afford the $4,000 bags at Marc Jacobs, it’s still awesome!  :) I love my California and everytime I go back it makes me so very happy! I love my favorite foods and shopping with my friends! I <3 California


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The Newport Coast Marriott (in newport coast!)I

If I don’t stay at friends houses when I go to California then I will always stay at one place, The Newport Coast Marriott. My family owns a timeshare there which means that we get a week every year to go. LAXNCI think my favorite things about this hotel is the rooms, the pool cafe and the pools! The rooms are huge!! I my own huge room and a big bathroom with a TV and lots of closet space! There is also a big kitchen to make hot pockets and to store ice cream!! I also love the giant jacuzzi I the master bathroom!! The rooms are absolutely positively awesome.  My second favorite thing at Newport Coast Marriott i the pizza bar! The hotel has a fun cafe right out at the pools that have great smoothies! They are like really expensive but so so so so so so so worth it!! When ever I am with friends at the pool I have to get them! Haha! Last but not least, THE POOLS!! My favorite part of the whole hotel and where I spend like all of my time!! They have three huge pools that I love to lay out by all day! I love getting a tan and this is the best way to do it!! They also have built many new pools around the facilities and they are quiet and relaxing!! It’s the best way to spend your day! Overall, I love this hotel!!!!!!!


This hotel is in beautiful Newport Coast.  Newport Coast is a great place to go to get warm and not look at crappy snow!! Newport Coast (because it’s in California) is always hot! It is a great place to go because of the hotness there is absolutely NO SNOW!! Like OMG!! …One of my favorite places to go in California! Yay!

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It’s All About Food!

There are great places to eat everywhere but there are a few hidden places in California that I love to go!!  One of my favorite places is In-N-Out Burger!! Their unique but very simple menu is a classic! When I say simple menu, I really mean simple menu. There is a total of 6 items on their menu. A double-double, a cheeseburger, a hamburger, fries, shakes and soft drink! The double-double is absolutely amazing! This incredible burger consists of… double meat, double cheese, a spread similar to a thousand island dressing, raw or grilled onions, tomatoes, and to contain all the goodness is the famous toasted buns! Amazing!! It used to be that In-N-Out’s were only in California but thankfully they have recently expanded to the Midwest, thank god!! I can get In-N-Out burgers here too!


The second place that I go the most when I go to California (mostly because it’s only in California) is Pick Up Stix! It is the best Asian food you will ever have! They are a bit like fast food but it’s real meat and it’s really good! They have a great menu anywhere from shrimp, chicken and beef to salads, pastas and kid’s menus. My favorite thing to order when I go to Pick Up Stix is the Wok Combo of House Special Chicken. The House Special Chicken is their claim to fame! It’s a unique blend of tender chicken, white wine, garlic, soy and some green onions all caramelized to indulge your taste buds in a world of happiness. With the Wok Combo you also get an appetizer and a drink. My favorite appetizer of all time is Cream Cheese Wontons! They are the most lavish thing that you have ever tasted! They come on these little white tasteless crunchy things. Also included it this great dipping sauce that is awesome on the wontons but I also like to put some on my extra rice! It’s a great Asian place that I love very very much! It’s a horrible thing that they are only in California but I am hoping that they will come out here someday too! Tata for now! :)


P.S. It you want to know about In-N-Out’s not so secret menu go to

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The Happiest Place On Earth

When I lived in California one place that I loved to go was Disneyland! The happiest place on earth! I basically grew up at Disneyland. I had passes ever since I was two and went all the time! My mom and I would get to Disneyland at 8:30 and the park opened at 9:00. My mom knew that if you wanted to get on any rides you had to get there early. My favorite ride was Peter Pan. It was the very first ride my mom and I did every time we went because the wait could be as long as 2 or 3 hours. After that we usually went and got fastpasses for Space Mountain or Thunder Mountain Railroad. They were always the busiest in the afternoon. Some other great rides in Disneyland are Pirates of the Caribbean, Indiana Jones, It’s A Small World and Toy Story. Over the years my mom and I learned which rides got very busy very fast and which rides you could do in the afternoon. Our favorite place to eat is the 19th century Plaza Inn. The Inn has a very unique 19th century furnishing. They have to best Alfredo pasta I have ever tasted! And also have the most exquisite and lavish desserts in all of Disneyland! Disneyland also has amazing snacks. They have great churros, pretzels, and Mickey Mouse ice cream. The one think that I don’t love about Disneyland is all the goofy tourist. The ones that have the fanny pacs, matching outfits for all the families, and socks with Crocs.  Even if it is Disneyland and it is a tourist destination you don’t need to look like a tourist! Over all, Disneyland is one of my favorite places to visit when I go to California. It’s a great place to hang out with friends as well as a places for families. A piece of my heart will always stay at Disneyland. :)


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